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Wagner - 1983 - Richard Burton - em inglês

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Filmed in 200 different locations in 6 different European countries as part of the centenary of Wagner's death, this film was the biggest East-West production in the history of television.  Notably for shooting the original places Richard Wagner visited, lived and worked, and the accuracy on the details of his life.  The film took 7 months to complete and was written by Charles Wood in conjunction with the Bayreuth estate and Wolfgang Wagner (Wagner's grandson).

The film was filmed in widescreen 35mm Dolby Stereo.

The music was recorded by Sir Georg Solti especially for the film and features the great:

Richard Burton
Vanessa Redgrave
Sir Laurence Olivier
Sir John Gielgud
Sir Ralph Richardson
Ronald Pickup
Cyril Cusack
Sir William Walton
and many others...

Despite the controversy on the length of this film, my upload is the complete film as seen on TV in 1983 (taken from the four full original vhs tapes).  Keep in mind that the vhs cover says this is 9 hours, but I have edited out the black at the beginning and end of each tape as well as the kultur promos (except the first one), warnings etc....leaving the film "as is".

The latest DVD version (there are now 3 different editions!) is supposedly complete, but if you compare them, there is up to almost an hour more of footage in mine!

The only drawbacks of the film are that Wagner's philosophical/occult/esoteric leanings are not exposed.  His inspired way with mythology and legend is not covered either.  Not only that but Wagner's compassionate, spiritual and humane sides are utterly glossed over...leaving the man completely political and spiteful, which is totally wrong.

In any case...part of the reason of why I decided to publish this on youtube was because:
1) It is not presented complete on youtube, just broken up segments and short clips.
2) It is ultra rare, and well-nigh impossible to find.
3) Not many people know about it, or even have heard of it.
4) To clear up the controversy on the length of the film (just read the reviews on amazon!)
5) Because I love Richard Wagner and want to share his genius with others.

So...please enjoy one of the greatest film biographies ever made, on one of the greatest composers that ever lived...Richard Wagner (1813-1883).

Oh yeah...when you watch this, make sure you're on wi-fi or have an seriously excellent internet data plan!  I don't want you to use up all your data on this! lol.

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